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Bone Club Exquisite Gaming

Backgammon Boards Designed & hand crafted in England.

A Family Heirloom

Bone Club backgammon boards are exquisite gaming experience. Only the finest leathers, timbers and board furniture are used. These backgammon sets are a true joy to look at and to play on.

Our board’s outer cases are madre from either leather or wood. Choose from our huge range of leathers colours or get a custom leather palette. Timbers include; Zebrano, oak, olive, ‘pale moon’ ebony, Mexican rosewood, walnut and many more.

Playing surfaces can be crafted from inlaid calf leather or printed leather. Both will ensure a luxury finish and a fast playing surface for an exciting game of backgammon.  To complete the personalisation, finish your backgammon board with your initials, company logo, family name or symbol.

Bone club backgammon boards

Tabletop Backgammon Boards

Non folding

bone club tabletop backgammon boards

Full Leather Backgammon Boards

Inlaid and printed

bone club leather backgammon boards

Timber Backgammon Boards

Folding Attaché Case

wooden backgammon boards

Backgammon Tables

Indoor & Outdoor

bone club backgammon tables

Why Bone Club?

The two player dice game ‘backgammon’ is thought to be 5000 years old to archaeological discoveries in the Jiroft culture, of Persia. Going back many years the dice, the checkers and the board itself were made from BONES. Hence the name.

The use of bones for divination is a common part of many shamanistic rituals. Shamanism is, as Mircea Eliade calls it, an “archaic technique of ecstasy.” Since bones can be reanimated, they play a critical role in the ritual of the death and rebirth of the holy man.

Backgammon Boards Hand Crafted in England

Bone Club luxury backgammon sets are made from materials sourced all over the world. The luxury backgammon boards are made in Lancashire, England. The UK boards are crafted in many factories for different stages of the build.

The case is then built. Usually ash for leather boards. The cases of the wooden boards are crafted from more decorative timbers such as walnut, zebrano, ebony and many more.

Cases are wrapped for leather boards. Next the hinges, locks, latches and decorative elements added. The field is inlaid usually made from 3 colours of leather. Internal walls and skinners are fit. Wooden boards are sprayed with laquer and leather boards are finished with leather conditioner.

Truly custom made backgammon gaming experiences.


Bone Club accessories include Doubling Cubes, checkers, shakers and dice. The exclusive and unique personalised “exploded” doubling cube is the ultimate showpiece. A guaranteed talking point. Ball cornered doubling cubes are also available in brass and nickel with inlaid leather with optional personalisation.

Checkers can be crafted in acrylic, wood or metal. They are are turned, either from Aluminium, Brass or timber or cast in Acrylic.  Usually the checkers are internally weighted and inlaid with leather. A delight in the hand and great to slide.

Wooden shakers are turned using contrasting materials such as ebony and oak. Full leather shakers cobine with leather boards. All shakers come complete with trip lips.

Precision dice are imported from the USA.


Initially the design phase agrees on a sturcture, layout, materials and colour. Personialised elements are decided upon such as initials on a cube or a logo on the bear off tray.

Both the ‘Ball Cornered’ and the ‘Exploded’ Doubling cubes can be pesonailsed with initials, a crest or a simple logo.

Checkers can be personalised with logos. patterns or initials on the inlaid leather.

Logos can be inlaid in to wooden surfaces.

What is Backgammon?

To win at Backgammon you need both luck & strategy. The dice can determine the outcome of the game however the best player will always win over a longer number of games. This actually means the best backgammon player in the world could be beaten by a novice in one game but never in a series of games. Players move their checkers round the board depending on the number on the dice. You have to put your checkers in the best position to allow you to beat your opponent by bearing off your checkers first. The doubling cube allows players to double the stakes (money, points, bananas etc) during the game.

Backgammon can be enjoyed at many different levels for the 7 year old child being taught by his grand parent to the grand master winning world championships. The game can be played at any level from simple race games to incredibly advanced mathmatical solutions and strategies.

It’s a great social game and we guarantee you if you open up a backgammon board whilst on your travels you’ll soon be making some more friends.

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